Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Posting animal kaiser barcodes and all,giving pictures of pro cards,etc.Oh ya if u would like to buy printed cards,I would suggest u buy from here $0.50 a printed card.Only Singapore nia,at lot 1 or yew tee,can pm me @ have not figured out how to print the barcode,sorry.I know the website ,type in the no. of the animal card u wanna generate(like a001(lion) do not type in the (-)),choose code 128,choose either jpg or bmp format.then resize it to 72%(info from zonex forum).Now this part I not sure le,they say put in microsoft word or office then resize it to 72% but I don't know how,any1 who knows pls tell me.Or if u have any cards u wanna have a 2nd time to have to flash copy it in fax machine.XD.Then cut the thingy out.U might wanna print alot in 1 go to save paper.LOL.Pls help.Well a least I know an uncle,gold hair guy in lot 1 adult,very well sells alot of cards and there everyday,I call him uncle but his name he put ken.Anyways help about the barcode Tys.1day u will teach everybody.So pls teach,mayb someday I may be of help cos I know alot of glitches 4 animalkaiser.